I am an artist with the talent to blend an assortment of cosmetics to create the best color palette for you!

 I accentuate your most attractive facial features to help you look and feel your best!

Below are descriptions of some of the creative and artistic techniques I've mastered throughout my career




·       Highlight and contour nose, eyes, lips, cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, and jawline

·       Apply cream, liquid, or powder foundation, with makeup sponge, foundation brush, or Airbrush

·       Benefits of Airbrush:

o      Look flawless in photos!

o      Long lasting --> will last at least 10 hours, which is perfect for brides on their wedding day

o      Maximum coverage with minimal amount of product --> finished look is beautifully natural and fresh

o      Lightweight --> feels great!

o      Great for oily skin --> prevents product from moving around

o      Excellent for hot weather/humidity --> will not cake or melt away

·       Popular requests: Sun-kissed Face, Dewy Look, Natural Look, Flawless Look, or Public Face to look and feel more professional 




·       Highlight and contour nose to make it appear shorter, longer, wider, or thinner 




·       Most intimidating area for a woman to do herself - range of shades and techniques with eye shadow and eye liner can be overwhelming

·       Correct or enhance the shape of the eye

·       Correct or enhance the color of the eyelid

·       Decorate the eye in an artificial but attractive way

·       Apply fake lashes - blend artificial eyelashes with the natural ones

·       Popular requests: Daytime Smoky Eyes, Natural Eyes, Cat Eyes, and Fine Liner 




·       Correct common errors in eyebrow design, such as brows slanting up or down, or an arch that is too high or too flat 




·       Create multiple lip shapes

·       Produce the appearance of larger or smaller lips utilizing multiple application techniques

·       Popular requests: Bold Lip, Pouty Lip, Glossy Lip